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Being Harassed At Work? 4 Steps You'll Need To Take Right Away

Harassment can make the workplace feel like a very unsafe place to be. Unfortunately, workplace harassment happens more often than you might think. No one should be forced to work in a hostile environment. However, that's what happens in cases of harassment. The workplace becomes a hostile environment. If you've been the victim of workplace harassment, you don't need to put up with it. Here are four steps you need to take to ensure that the harassment stops.

Keep a Detailed Journal

If you're being harassed at work, you need to start keeping a journal. You're going to need to document every instance of harassment that you encounter. The best way to do that is to keep a pad of paper on you at all times. As soon as something happens, take a moment to jot down the details, such as:

  • What happened – give details about the event

  • Where it happened – identify where you were when it happened

  • When it happened – make a note of the date and time of the occurrence

  • Who was present – make a note of the people who witnessed the harassment

Talk to Your Human Resource Manager

If you're being harassed at work, you need to take the matter to your human resource manager. They'll need to be made aware of the situation and the fact that you're being exposed to a hostile work environment. Ask to file an official complaint. That way, you know that the issue is being documented. If your place of employment doesn't have a human resource manager, take your complaint to your supervisor. It's important to note that if your supervisor is the one who's doing the harassing, you should take your complaint to their boss.

Gather All the Evidence You Can

If you're dealing with harassment at work, you need to gather all the evidence you can. This is particularly important when it comes to physical evidence such as pictures. For instance, if someone is posting derogatory comments about you in the office, take pictures of the comments. If offensive pictures are being posted in your cubicle or on your locker, make a copy of the offensive picture. Give the copy to your employer and keep the original in a file.

Seek Legal Representation

If you're the victim of workplace harassment and your employers aren't taking the situation seriously, you need to seek legal representation from a law firm like Law Offices of Terry K. Davis as soon as possible. There are legal remedies available to you.