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3 Tips For Handling Theft Of Business Idea In Court

A good business idea that makes money immediately can be hard to come by. If you have developed a business idea that you have shared with a potential business partner or if you have had someone go over your notes, you may find that your business idea is being pursued by someone else. If you are dealing with the theft of a business idea, you may want to go after the person who has taken the idea. Here are three tips for dealing with the theft of a business idea through civil litigation. 

Prove the contact that you had with the person  

To prove that a person or a company has taken your idea without your authorization, you will need to be able to prove contact that you have had with the company. If you had a meeting with a company that discussed your business idea and they are now operating with the exact same idea, you may have a case against them. To go through commercial litigation with the company, you will need proof that they had contact with you and your idea. 

Produce information on your idea patents

It is possible that two people will come up with very similar ideas for services or products. If there is something particular and patented about your idea, you will have a stronger case than just a case of possible similarities. If you have a patent or a trademark on any particular product or service, your commercial litigation claim will be given a big boost against a company. Remember to bring any trademark or registration information for your business to aid in proving your case. Trademarks give you the ultimate claim when attempting to start a business for any service or product. 

Produce any relevant drawings or graphics

One way that it is easiest to get an actual copyright claim against a business is if you have produced a drawing plus a name of a product or service. Even when these are not registered via trademark, you do have an implied copyright to anything that you draw or anything that you produce as written content. Bring along any drawings and renderings that you created for your product and service. If the business shows a very similar drawing or if they have designs they have gotten from you, your commercial litigation attorney will be able to prove a case.