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Steps You Need To Know When Hiring An Attorney

If you are new to hiring an attorney you might be wondering what the process will look like. It is nothing to be scared of, and you will soon see that hiring an attorney is simple and a great way to get what you need done. Here are some steps to hiring an lawyer.

First Step: The Consultation

Once you have selected an attorney you will have an initial intake and consultation with the lawyer. In many cases you will not be charged for this appointment, depending on the reason for meeting with the attorney. In this first appointment they will ask you about what you hope to accomplish and the facts of your case or situation. For instance, if you are filing a lawsuit against someone they will ask what evidence you have to support the lawsuit. So when you go to the consultation, make sure that you are taking in all the evidence, paperwork and things you have to prove your case.

Then at the end of the consultation the attorney will tell you whether or not they think you have a case worth filing, or if you need to go a different route.

Step Two: The Retainer

In most cases, before you can hire an attorney you will need to be ready to pay the attorney a retainer. This is a fee that you pay up front, before you use their services. This money will sit in a holding bank account and they will draw from it as they do work on your case. There is a chance that the amount that they ask for will be the full amount of the fees. However, if your case goes longer then you will be expected to replenish the retainer. Usually the lawyer will not do work on your case unless the retainer is stocked.

Step Three: Discovery

If you choose to file a lawsuit you should expect the actual suit to take months even years to finish. The attorneys will do something called discovery where they will go through your entire case and find all the evidence and facts that they can. 

Step Four: Mediation & Court

Lastly, after all of the evidence has been gathered, you will move to mediation where you try to solve it and settle outside of court. This is a compromising time and if you can do mediation you will save money in the long run. If you cannot mediate, then you will need to go to court.

These are the steps you should be prepared for. Contact a firm, like Lingbeck Law Office, for more help.