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Taking The Next Step Toward Getting Workers' Compensation

In most cases, your workers' comp insurance just "works." You get injured, you file a claim, and you are able to have your medical bills taken care of, able to stay home and get better and earn a portion of your pay. When it works as it should, it's invaluable. Sometimes, however, your claims are not filed, your claims are not approved or you have claims with special circumstances. Here are some situations that may call for you to seek additional help by a workers' comp attorney.

1. Your supervisor still has not filed a workers' comp claim and is insisting that your injury is not work related at all. You should be sure to get medical care, no matter what. If you need to pay for it out of your own pocket or use your own health insurance, you can settle up later when your claim is approved. Claiming an injury but not seeking medical attention will put a quick end to your claim, once it is filed.

2. Your injuries are far more severe than the average situation. Most minor accidents can be handled by a normal workers' comp claim, but for injuries that involve amputations, head injuries, serious burns, spinal injuries, and more, you may need to speak to an attorney. These types of injuries may be considered permanent, which means that you are entitled to a settlement. When you consider that your injury could render you unable to work again, you can understand just how important it is to have a skilled settlement negotiator on your side.

3. Your supervisor has filed your claim for your on-the-job injury, but you have received a denial letter from your employer's workers' compensation insurance carrier. The letter will detail the reason, and you may need extra assistance in getting your claim back on the right track.

4. Your employer is insisting that you return to your job or be fired. Only a doctor can clear you to return to work, so if you are being asked to return and you are still suffering from your injuries, you may need more help.

5. The nature of your injury is preventing you from adequately coping with the details of your claim. Some injuries, such as head injuries or those that require you to take a lot of pain medication, can cause you to have a much more difficult time dealing with your workers' comp claim. There is a lot of paperwork and deadlines that have to be accomplished to process a successful claim.

See a workers' comp attorney like Townsend, Richard if you are experiencing these or any other issues with your claim.