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What You Should Know after a Spinal Cord Injury

With over 26 different vertebrae in the spinal cord, a person could suffer from a number of different types of spinal cord injury. Whether it was the result of an automobile accident or a slip and fall, it is important to understand what your legal options are when you suffer from a spinal cord injury. Some spinal cord issues can be severe and include permanent paralysis, while others may be more temporary. If you have been injured and suffered from a spinal cord injury as the result of someone's negligence, you need to know what your legal options are. Here are some things you should know. 

Medical Help

Before you speak with an experienced attorney about your injury, you need to understand to what extent you are injured. This involves getting a complete medical evaluation. There are two main types of spinal cord injuries. These include complete and incomplete. During a complete spinal cord injury, a person is not able to feel anything below the injured part of the body. In an incomplete spinal cord injury, a person is able to still feel some part of the body below the damaged area. 

Circumstantial Evidence

When it comes to getting legal help, the situation plays a crucial role in what your options are. The most common cause of a spinal injury is due to a vehicle accident, which contributes to about 37% of the cases. There should be police reports surrounding the accident so the lawyer knows exactly what occurred during the injury. If the injury was due to a slip and fall, there should also be reports from the place it occurred at. Oftentimes this will take place at a business or workplace. Company officials should work with your lawyer to help rectify the situation. If not, you may be forced to take them to court. 

Medical Fees

For many spinal cord injury cases, the injured party will seek retribution from the negligent person in order to help cover medical costs and other costs associated with the accident. In the event that a company or person neglects to take care of their responsibility, the injured party may choose to go to mediation. While mediation will allow both parties to decrease their legal fees due to not having to go to court, it does not always work. In some cases, the defendant will choose to have the case go to court. This allows the judge to make the decision.

By seeking an experienced personal injury lawyer, you are able to get a good idea of what is likely to happen with your case. Many lawyers will walk you through each step and allow you to decide how far you want to take the case. Contact a lawyer at a firm like the Law Office Of Daniel E Goodman.